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Pull-up banners are great for saving space in your business, and are easy to set up, and have a very professional look. The quality of the pull-up banner will make a big difference to how good your banner looks. When it is ready to be set up, it needs to not only stand but look good as well.

Pull-up banners are generally found in retail stores, exhibition halls and sometimes even in rent to own stores. These pull-up banner displays are put up in seconds and are used to hold information to help advertise for you.

They are often used at trade shows, as well as for temporary marketing such as sales in the retail business. When used with great quality graphics, there is a noticeable impact on sales.

The pull-up banner can be used as a window display, or in the store having the same effects as large posters. The main difference between a pull-up banner and a large poster is that the pull-up banner is free standing and can be moved wherever it is needed with no work at all. The large poster will need to be taken down, moved and rehung and can leave sticky or dirty spots on walls.

Pull-up banners are not only light and easy to move, but a good addition to your marketing strategy for business. Heavy duty construction materials make this an effective marketing tool to help in crowded areas, sidewalks or even next to check out areas for last minute shoppers. Pull-up banners are not only a great advertising tool, but they come at a much lower cost than large poster display systems that are commonly used.

Pull-up banners can be used in many way: 

  • As a means of bringing customers into your business by setting up outside the storefront or on the sidewalks outside your business
  • Inside the store, use a pull-up banner in front of special aisles or even along with small items on an end cap
  • Highlighting a product's benefits
  • Promote sales and special promotions​